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  • lsrry

    Commentsthanks dr mike for all you do for our dear jewish bro and sisters.i believe that prophetically we are in the greatest time in history and even a greater time for the jews of israel.no matter what we see in the natural god is working behind the scenes to protect our jewish families there in israel and jesus is coming to show his grace to all the people of israel! thanks again larry pate

  • Barb

    CommentsThank you for bringing the virtual tour online. The Hiding Place is my favorite book besides the bible. Her and her family's faith inspires me to greater faith and strength in God. Thank you again.

  • don

    CommentsAs a middle-school teacher in a Christian school in Brentwood, TN, I taught THE HIDING PLACE to several hundred students over many years. Thankfully, they responded with gratitude for what Corrie and her family did for their Jewish friends and strangers.

    Thank you, Mike Evans, for getting the ten Booms' story to the world and especially to Jews. May souls be saved!

  • Chisa


  • Elena

    CommentsThe Hiding Place book changed my life. The example of this extraordinary family has made a big impact in my life. Thanks to this book, my devotion for the Bible (God's living word) has a very special place in my heart. When I have a problem, I think of how much Corie endured. She remembered and quoted scripture and went on. What an inspiration (a blessing) a true and sincere Christian family. The Hiding book has become my testimony. Before I read the book, I was very religious and did not know a thing about the bible. I read the book in one setting I never put it down until I finished it.

  • Ron

    CommentsI pray the everyone that calls upon the Name of the Lord will have the same heart for the Jewish people that the Ten boom family had.

  • Kathy


  • Chip Hillesheim
    United States of America

    CommentsWhen I first became a Christian in the early 1980's one of the first people who inspired me by their example of faith was Tanta Corrie. The Ten Boom Family is partly responsible for my fierce and undying love for the Jews and Israel. Papa Ten-Boom was also a great example as I had read about his love for God and spiritual wisdom. The Ten-Boom family still to this day is a great encouragement for other Christians to emulate his example of love to live the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus by loving others --even one's enemies --possible only through Christ's love. I also want to thank you for the virtual tour as I would never be able to afford a trip to Holland. God Speed and Blessings to you all. And God Save Holland.

  • Alexander Papkov

    CommentsI admire!








  • Miriam

    CommentsMay G-d, Hashem, Protect the Jewish People worldwide. May Hashem, protect the State of Israel NOW and FOREVER !!
    Help us find everlasting PEACE , Forgiveness , Kindness and Compassion for our fellow men and women !!

  • gabriella


  • Liana

    CommentsI believe that we are seeing in our generation the two lampstands come together. May the Lord protect us. May he grant favor to Jacob. May the seed of Abraham flourish. May the Lord restore the tabernacle of David and bring to us very soon the Messiah.


  • Sue

    CommentsCorrie ten Boom became one of my lifelong heroes the day I spent weeping, unable to put down her book "The Hiding Place". It was as though I was transported, living the book as I read it. That was nearly 40 years ago, and my love for Israel and God's chosen people, the Jews, has grown steadily. We must pray for the peace of Jerusalem and remember that to touch the apple of God's eye means sure destruction. Shalom.

  • William

    CommentsCome quickly, Lord Jesus. Continue to protect Israel and the city of Jerusalem. Give them Peace.

  • Patricia Roudebush

    CommentsThe love of the ten Boom family for God's chosen people, the Jews, has been extremely influencial in my life. The Lord has placed a deep seated desire to intercede for the Jews day and night until Messiah comes again and we are One in Yahweh.

  • Shee

    CommentsCorrie has truly glorified God through her life and her testimonies. The world need to hear more of this!

  • Sandra Salstrom
    U. S. A.

    CommentsI'm reading through the Bible in 90 days and today begin the New Testament. I am praying to know true forgiveness for others because I know that I am truly forgiven by my Lord and Savior.
    Thank you for telling Corrie's story. I know that remembering her and her family will help me to give God's true forgiveness to others.

  • DC Peterson

    CommentsThis is the most amazing and touching testimony of devotion to GOD, HIS Word an HIS people ever known in the World today.
    After 100 years of generational praying by the Ten boom family, it culminated in Corrie carrying the testimony through for this to be used today to touch others of us that GOD is calling to help HIS people. It was a road filled with uncommon devotion to GOD and full of pain, sorrow and death. I have been feeling a like manner of HOLY SPIRIT tugging at me today to be of some help to HIS people.

  • Andrew John

    CommentsThank you, Dr Mike Evans, for having the vision to tell this story to the world through the media of the internet.

    I got a lot from the tour of the ten Boom shop.

    Thank you and God bless your work for him.

  • Christina

    CommentsI am left speechless by the GRACE of God and by what He can accomplish through submitted, surrendered and humble people. May He be glorified further through this tremendous witness. May the message of His love and forgiveness shining forth through those who are His own continue to bring others to the throne of Almighty God.

  • Ronald
    New Zealand

    CommentsThank you Lord for the Ten Boom family.
    And thank you Mike Evans for the opportunity of touring the Ten Boom House and learning this wonderful story, and praise the Spirit for giving you the vision.

    As a decendant of Dutch parents who where in the Dutch underground, the emotions I felt, only my spirit could describe.

    Corrie is right, it is not possible to say you love God without loving his chosen people, but just as importantly, all people, for all are made in the image of God.

    Imagine a world where everyone loved each other, as God intended.
    Jesus, we await your reign.

  • Patricia
    United States

    CommentsWhat a blessings to be able to go through the tour of the Ten Boom house. So many times something I saw in the movie or read in the book-The Hiding Place" has helped me through a crucial time. My husband and I just celebrated our 32 anniversary. Our first date was watching "The Hiding Place". It was an unforgettable night. The tour narration is so well done-sharing some of the pertinent messages interspersed with interesting details and their lives giving us an example to live by, especially with praying for the Jewish. We already have been but this is a reminder to do so even on a daily basis. Thanks for the presentation!

  • Ardythe

    CommentsWhat a privilege to tour the Ten Boom house without even leaving my home. Thank you for the beautifully done virtual tour and powerful continuation of the love for the Jewish people that this family made real to the world at such a price! I pray that many will be touched by the Messiah through this sacrifice.

  • curt

    CommentsAppreciated very much viewing the Ten Boom Presentation.. As pastor of My Fathers House in Newport New Hampshire We daily pray for our Jewish brethren and the nation of Israel. You can count on us as part of the great prayer team God has established.. Yes, we will meet the Boom family someday soon in the presence of our Lord Up in Glory.. My desire is to fan the fires of the Holy Ghost within that we may fulfill our God given calling of dethroning the enemy that is even working in our own nation today ..May all praise go to Him...Thank you Pastor Curt Jensen



  • Daphne

    CommentsThank you for restoring the house of the Ten Boom Family so that our generation and future generations will know the work of God through His chosen people.

    Thank you for opening the door for us to see and to feel the Presence of Jesus. And thank you for making it possible for Mike to meet with so many people throughout his lifetime so that he opened his heart to Jesus!

    Thank you to the Ten Bloom family for trusting in God to the very end!

  • Vicki and Keith

    CommentsYou have done an amazing job to keep the truth of what happened, and the love and faithfulness of the Ten Boom Family as an example to us all. The Hiding Place (book) impacted me greatly as a new believer and I have told these same stories through the years to others as they are so simple, yet tell such truths. Thank you for your faithfulness and perseverance to make this possible to the world.

    A very powerful presentation, befitting of the legacy left behind by their family. Praise God!!!

  • Donald

    CommentsThank you for sharing this great message of how true believers in Yeshua (Jesus) can demonstrate what it means to follow Messiah (Christ) to the world. This is especially important in sharing the message of the Jewish Messiah to the chosen ones of Israel for whom Yeshua loved and died.

    In the history of Christianity, the Ten Booms represent the remnant of true Christians who clearly taught and lived Jesus' message of love and forgiveness.

    May God prosper this ministry and may its message outshine all of the negative publicity brought on by "Christians" who misrepresent Jesus and send a message of hatred to the Jewish community. This is a powerful message to Christians who still embrace Replacement Theology and use it to oppose Israel today.

    May ADONAI ELOHIM the Father bless you by the name and authority of ADONAI ELOHIM the Son, Messiah Yeshua, and by the power of ADONAI ELOHIM the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit). Amen.

  • Lana

    CommentsThe members of the ten Boom family are the epitomy of walking like Jesus walked and talking like Jesus talked. My prayer is simply that we can all do the same. My dream is now to visit this awesome place that our Lord created. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you all!!!

  • Wilma

    CommentsThank you for sharing this wonderful message of the Ten Boom Family and the love they had for Jesus and the Jewish people as well as all people. I pray that we all may be granted that God given love and courage today. We all need it now more than ever before as we see the hatred and darkness displayed in this world. We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for the Jewish people. "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit", saith the Lord. We look up to the Author and Finisher of our faith, our Beloved King, Bridegroom, Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. We look up for our redemption draws nigh. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God, the Messiah of Israel!

  • Tatiane

    CommentsMinha vida est? sendo modificado ao conhecer a hist?ria dessa serva de Deus! Gl?rias a Jesus por isso!

  • leila

    CommentsEsta ? a hist?ria mais incr?vel que eu j? conheci na minha vida,Gl?ria a Deua por esta fam?lia.

  • john

    Comments Father, I pray that this unfathomable faith given to your daughter Betsie Ten Boom be now bestowed upon us those who call his name Jesus! Lord God, I thank you for the amazing grace of faith that you have given the Ten Boom family..I am scared Lord as I write this, as I father cannot comprehend such faith as I live here in a climate controlled world of comfort and only minor interludes with a need for strong life giving faith in Christ! Lord God may Betsie reign with you Lord, may her amazing grace shine upon and infect all those who hear her story...We are scared Lord and we all need to know the amazing love and hope that can only come through you from our love and relationship with your son Jesus Christ!

  • LeeAnn

    CommentsThank you for creating this virtual tour of the Ten Boom Museum. On a visit to Israel in 2000, I placed a pebble at the base of Corrie's tree at Yad Vashem. It has long been my wish to visit the Beje, in the meantime this online visit was a powerful reminder of the faith of the Ten Boom family.

  • Richard

    CommentsI've always heard about Miss Ten Boom from preachers and teachers of God's word on WMIT 106.9 FM here in North Carolina. I've been curious about her life's story for some time now. This virtual tour has really taught me a lot. Thank you Michael Evans.

  • Helen

    CommentsI have often asked myself if I would have the same courage when faced with the same threat. I am inspired by many like Corrie. Thank you for preserving her legacy for us and future generations

  • Jo Ann
    United States

    CommentsI found this web site while looking for research on Corrie Ten Boom to share God's forgiveness with a dear friend who was struggling with forgiveness herself. What a wonderful legacy to give God's Gospel message via a dynamic presentation. It was no accident that God led me here today.
    Thank you for sharing the true message of God's forgiveness with all who would seek it for their lives!

  • Joni Rhodes
    United States of America

    CommentsI have always wanted to travel to the home Corrie ten Boom and her family lived in so am very thankful for this virtual tour and story of their lives.

    They were an amazing family and did what God called them to do even though they knew their own lives were at stake.

    I was a flight attendant with Continental and had the pleasure of meeting the lady that played Corrie in the movie (she lives in Houston, Texas, which is an hour and a half from where I live). She was on one my flights and we had the privilege of talking.

    Thank you so much for this website.

    I have been studying our Hebraic roots and praying for the Jewish people for years. I am on a disaster team (put together by Israeli's) just recently and will be going to Israel during times of emergency and war to help care for the Jewish people. what an honor.

    In His love,
    Joni Rhodes

  • Jim

    CommentsThis tour brings the challenge of the sacrificial and unconditional love of God. It is also a timely reminder of the need for forgiveness through the saving grace of Jesus Christ, in our world today. Hurts, anger, injustice and hatred can all be healed if we allow God to touch our heart with his Holy Spirit and cause us to know and experience his forgiveness.

  • Kelley

    CommentsI appreciate the opportunity to see the Corrie ten Boom Museum. I have read her books since childhood and was inspired throughout my life by the writings of Corrie ten Boom. She has strengthened my faith in God, and led me to study my Bible as a result of her shared faith in God and the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Caroline


  • Julie
    United States

    CommentsI have recently finished reading In My Father's House and The Five Silent Years of Corrie Ten Boom. These books helped me realize how God has used some major events in my life to prepare me to minister to other women, and also what role suffering plays in bringing us closer to God.

  • Karen

    CommentsHigh God, King of the Universe, bring Your shalom to Jerusalem. Draw all Your chosen together as one new man at the return of Y'shua ha Mashiach--our Lord, Redeemer, Savior, Friend. All praise, honor and glory to Hashem and His only born son, forever and ever. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

  • Michael

    CommentsI have cried with them while reading the Tanakh, I have rejoiced and have been disappointed, and yes I love and support God's chosen with all my heart. May they say quickly, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord...

    Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

  • Kitt

    CommentsI would like to hear the Greek recordings for this museum, I see they have not been posted up yet.

  • Sergio Lima

    CommentsLord bless

  • Marsha
    United States

    CommentsThe love of the Ten Boom family is an amazing story. I have read most of Corie's books her love and mercy shown to all she came into contact with is such a testament of God's love and forgiveness for all. As she forgave her tormentors she was set free to bring that freedom to the world. Her families story is beautiful the fully layed down life for the love of God. Not by might not by power but by the Spirit of the Living, Loving, God, Jesus Christ Our Lord. Thank you for keeping her and the Ten Boom families story alive in the hearts of all. May the word of the Lord go forth and accomplish all that it was sent to do.

    Many Blessings,
    Marsha McArthur

  • Jeanne

    CommentsMany years ago, while touring parts of Europe with my husband and three children, we made a point of visiting the Ten Boom watch shop. At that time it was run by another proprietor. When he learned that we had been reading The Hiding Place to our children while we were traveling, he kindly led us through his shop and up the stairs to see where people were hidden. It was a very special moment that none of us have forgotten. The testimony of this family touched our lives and still influences the work we try to do in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Beth

    CommentsI remember watching Corie speak on television programs in the 1970s. I instantly felt connected to her. Adonai is so good! We must love the L-rd with all of our heart, strength and soul, and love others also. Corie lived this. Blessings to Israel and His city Jerusalem. His will be done in all things.

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