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  • Wallace & Patricia
    USA State Of Texas

    CommentsLove this family their Love for God our Lord Jesus Christ and others will one day meet them all in Heaven and talk with them. I love their story OF FAITH Gods word will never fail us. TRUST AND BELIEVE.

  • Bonnie
    United States of America

    CommentsI loved the tour on my computer of The Ten Boom Family home! They were very much a disciple of our Savior Jesus Christ. I will be happy to meet them someday in paradise.

  • Michel

    CommentsHow its amazing that love could still flow in that terrible place. God is so amazing !!

  • Angelia

    CommentsI have fought with anger and when I heard what her sister told her as she was being beat by guards it awaked something in me. My pastor recently went to Israel and I am so thankful that God has placed him in my life as such a time as this. Thank you the tour was amazing and blessing. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  • William Towe
    USA (State of Georgia)

    Very inspiring virtual tour of the Hiding Place.
    My heart was blessed with such a tremendous
    message of faith and courage in the face of
    extreme odds.

    Thank You, William Towe

  • Terry Guckenbiehl
    United States

    CommentsThank you!

  • Gabriela

    CommentsGracias por permitirnos a mi familia y a mi este recorrido tan edificante para nuestra fe. Es un fant疽tico sitio.
    Este museo es una piedra de testimonio para los seres humanos de que el Seor escucha las oracines de los justos.

  • Donna

    CommentsI visited this home in 1994.
    What a beautiful lesson for all of us.
    God is good and greatly to be praised.

  • Joanne

    CommentsThank you for this fantastic website and ministry. It's truly a joy to see the Lord's prophecy given to Betsey and Corrie, become a miraculous reality. Also, that the plans of the Lord can not ever be thwarted no matter how dark it might seem.

  • Jennifer

    CommentsMy family has been so touched and very blessed by reading about the ten boon family. God is so good.2

  • jeff hogan

    Commentstremendous....god uses all....what was meant for evil, god meant for good!

  • Isaac

    CommentsThanks cobba for the inspirational story!!!!!!!!!!! Corrie 4 lyf

  • Kerry Mills
    United States

    CommentsThank you for an amazing journey!
    I remember hearing Corrie speak at a Billy Graham Crusade when I was a child. What a powerful story she had.

  • Christine
    United States

    CommentsGod bless you Dr. Mike Evans and all those involoved creating this awesome virtual masterpiece of The Corrie Ten Boom Story of The Hiding Place!!!! May the glory of the secret prayer room live on!!!

  • Vicki

    CommentsThank you so very much Mike for blessing the world with this awesome walk through Corrie's family home. What a privilege. I thank God for the unfailing faith of the Ten Boon Family and for Corrie's message of love and forgiveness through Christ Jesus, this is what the world needs today. I will share this site with my friends. I give God all the Glory for directing me to your ministry.

  • Pat

    CommentsWords cannot describe how great our Lord is. He brought Corrie through such great odds to spread the message of His love and hope. Lord we are thankful to You, Your every plan is truly perfect.

  • jane

    Commentsi remember hearing corrie talk once i was very young i have her book the hiding place..ty so much for sharing this bout her and her family..i am praying all the time for the peace of jeruselem..PTL i know God is at work even in these very evil times He is victor....God bless



  • Margaretha

    CommentsI Pray that thy God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Bless Israel more and more, and that he will bring Peace to Jerusalem! And that he will gave us Strength and Power to do what the Boom family did. Thats Gods divine Love what Corrie had to forgive those what took her family from her true such torcher! Praise the Lord for leading me to this Video!

  • Frances

    CommentsThanks be to God for this family, and many more the world over, who in simple ways are trying their best to make this world more habitable and pleasant for everyone.

  • Susanna
    United States

    CommentsGod is Love

  • Kathi

    CommentsSince I was girl and saw The Hiding Place movie for the first time, I have sought to follow after the Lord with all my heart, just like Corrie. I pray for the strength she found when hard times come my way. Jesus is always faithful!

  • Sue

    CommentsCorrie has always been a "heroine" of mine! I know she would not like to be referred to as "heroine", but I know her reward is great, and I am looking forward to meeting her and spending time with her when I get to heaven.

  • Laura

    CommentsThank you so much for sharing this. I have been so blessed by the ministry of Corrie ten Boom and look forward to meeting her and her family in the resurrection.

  • sally

    CommentsThank you for sharing The Hiding Place on the web. I was so moved by this family's testimony. God Bless you!

  • Faye
    United States

    CommentsI admire Corrie for her faith and trust, and being able to tell us about her experiences through her books. She is a true Disciple of Jesus Christ.



  • Sylvia

    I have seen on our transmitter Bible TV the development(career) of Corrie ten boom and her(their) sister Betsie, spoken by Mrs. Pam Rosewell Moore. Also the film got away.
    I have never heard from the both something. A very interesting document and also sadly. But it has pointed that Betsie has not hated, although it(she) has been treated so disgustingly. Not to hate is very difficult for many people. I thank to have got to know these women. If may have you and all the others which have passed away the everlasting peace. Many greetings

  • Clint

    Commentsi am very thankful to God for your ministry. thank you for sharing the message of the ten Boom family. the message of forgiveness from our Savour Jesus Christ so brilliantly shown through Corrie and her family. God bless you.

  • Anna

    CommentsI had the awesome privilege of seeing her in person once, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she spoke. A dear friend and myself went and I wanted to go up and speak with her afterward but I was too shy (in my early 20's then). I have always regretted that. She has been my example of a true heroine!! I look forward to meeting her in Heaven.

  • Kelly

    CommentsGod bless Corrie and her family for the strength to endre such pain and the love for others. May we all learn from the ten Boom family that god is with us if we open our hearts to him.

  • Michele Dickerson
    United States

    CommentsIn this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!"

    John 16:33

  • Glennis

    CommentsMay God continually bless all your efforts & sacrafice to ensure that the ten Boom family's love for those close to His heart never be forgotten. Corrie's message: "There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still" brings tears to my eyes. To be able to love and give your life for those who could cost your own; hoping for survival while headed for disaster...praying & trusting God for His great miraculous intervention...with no sure guarantees...believing beyond all logic that the reason you are where you are is to save those of His choosing.

  • Ellen
    United States of America

    CommentsCorrie and her family were used by God in such an awesome way, their faith and endurance through such horrible treatment and their forgiveness of the people who hurt them shows us the Awesome Power of God! God bless them & others that have endured such persecution for the Lord!

  • Yvonne
    U. S. A.

    CommentsMay Our Lord Jesus Christ give great Peace and comfort to the hearts and mind of His people in these days of great distress.

    Genesis 49:10

  • Nelly
    United Kingdom

    CommentsMay God Almighty bless all the generations of this family,may His peace rest upon them. I pray that some families like ten Booms will be raised through the world wide prayers. Corrie is such an inspiration and wonderful woman of God. May God be lifted high as we continue with such wonderful and powerful prayers. May God also bless those who are committed in these prayers. In Jesus Mighty name AMEN.

  • Beth

    CommentsSuch a woman of The Lord!

  • Melissa

    CommentsSuch a courageous woman!

  • Kendra
    United States of America

    CommentsOh praise the Lord for He is good; let all in heaven above and all the saints on earth proclaim His everlasting love. In my distress I called on God; in grace He answered me, removed my bonds, enlarged my place, from trouble set me free!
    Lord, May that be said of Jews as well as Gentiles! For only you know the heart of men, I pray that you would give each of us the boldness to proclaim to the world that the joy that you give runs deeper than despair!

  • Anne
    United States

    CommentsI continually ask the goodness of the Lord to the Jewish people in Jerusalem and through out the world. No one can stop the plans of the Lord and no one can stop the blessings of God to His people. May God be lifted up as we continue to pray all together for the strength of these people, and may His goodness be upon each and everyone of us, Amen!

  • Peggy Jean
    United States of America

    CommentsMay all the Jewish peoples in Jerusalem and around the world come to salvation in Jesus the Christ. May they be granted faith by God to recognize Jesus is His son and the Savior of all men. For as we all were born into sin, so too we all need a savior to free us from the penalty of sin which is death and separation from a Holy God. God is able and willing to penetrate the veil which has kept many blinded from this truth. May He call all Jewish peoples in Jerusalem and world wide to Himself, may they see the truth and believe and find eternal life and the incredible Freedom we inherit as redeemed children of God. For God desires that no man perish, separated from Him, but He also commands that the only way to God is through acceptance and submission to the Lordship of His son, Jesus Christ in each one of our lives. Heavenly Father, hear this prayer and I thank you for answering it, in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus!!! AMEN

  • Onwuekwe

    CommentsI believe that the peace of Jerusalem will also be the peace of the whole world. My prayer is that everybody both Jews and Non Jews will see the need to embrace Jesus Christ(The Prince of Peace) so that this peace will rule the whole world and be active in the lives of people forever Amen!

  • Maria

    CommentsThanks you ,God bless you.

  • Dilson

    CommentsGod, we are grateful to have been revealed to the Jewish people. You chose them and preserved them for the sake of Thy name is blessed forever. This people has been raised that we might know the only true God of love. And our prayers are that one day the branches are again connected to the True Vine ... Jesus Christ. Help them to understand the Scriptures through the sacrificial love of Him who never sinned, but gave Himself up for us, jedeus and non-Jews. Amen!

  • Marisa

    CommentsThat the Jewish people know the love of God through Jesus as the Ten Boom family always dreamed of and prayed for it to happen.

  • Mary Olive
    United States of America

    CommentsI visited the Ten Boom house in 1993 when I stayed in Haarlem for a week before beginning a tour of Europe. The museum was staffed with volunteers and the English speaking guide, an American, had come specifically to live in Haarlem and to volunteer at the house. It was an amazing experience to actually walk through the Ten Boom shop and home, climb the stairs and see the hiding place in Corrie's room.

    I have long been inspired by the Corrie ten Boom ministry. I appreciate finding this site, going on the virtual tour, seeing that the home and shop have been so beautifully restored and learning that Corrie's ministry not only continues, but thrives.

  • Kathy

    CommentsI love the Ten Boom family. Corrie is 1 of my heroes. I have read every book of hers that I could. My favorite is In My Fathers House. Thank you for keeping this awesome families memory alive. May God bless all your efforts and may this continue to be a blessing and inspiration to the world.

  • Malinda

    CommentsWhat a touching & inspiring story that I will share with my 7th grade students after reading Anne Frank's Diary.
    May God Bless you & your message.


    CommentsAmazing... Grateful to God for leading me towards this book.

  • Carol

    CommentsAs an abused child, I read "The Hiding Place", and eventually saw the movie....there is no way to remain ungrateful, even in the midst of personal trauma after this. Corrie's story surely has changed many lives and hearts. May all our life's testimonies for Christ, shine as brightly.

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