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  • Jeanette

    CommentsThe tour through the ten Boom watch shop
    and home was very moving as my husband and
    I had the privilege of visiting Harlem and
    the ten Boom home.
    May Hashem bless you all.

  • Richard

    CommentsAs the world heads rapidly into evil times the message of the Ten Boom family, and Corie is very important.
    Christians must show the Jews that we recognize them as God's chosen people and pray for them to recognize their messiah.

  • Laurie

    CommentsI own a copy of Corrie's PRISON LETTERS book. Thank God for her and for the continued legacy of her family and others who know God's heart for His people.Yeshua ha Masiach- Jesus is Lord - the Messiah foretold of old.
    God Bless Jews for Jesus too.

  • Molly McCarty
    United States

    CommentsThis site has helped me tremendously because my english calss this year is covering the Hiding Place. I have needed information about the tne Boom family, pictures, and what the culture is/was like.
    I have found that Corrie was an amazing woman of faith. I would have loved to meet her. Unfourtnately, i was born in 1996 and did not have the chance of meeting this great woman. I just want to make a difference like Corrie did. Thank you for providing the information you have through this great site.
    Thank you. :)

  • Rosalee

    CommentsHaving read The Hiding Place many years ago I never forgot how profoundly touched I was. I also have never forgotten how Corrie's father explained to her how some knowledge was too heavy for her young age and used the analogy of a heavy suitcase she would be unable to carry. Many years later I used that explanation for my own daughter.

    The virtual tour is so beautifully done and does wonderful justice to the book.I received a letter today from the SAVE JERUSALEM ministry which is what led me to google Mike Evans and thus this wonderful site. I had made a donation which I'll mail tomorrow and after viewing the tour understand why I was moved to support the request.

    Thank you and God bless this ministry to reach the nations.

  • Rudolph

    CommentsThank you for such 3D quality of viewing. With the message of God's Love as expressed in Life and Grace that came from the Lord Jesus Christ thru the person of Corrie ten Boom. Being a christian since August of 1973. My life was very much infulence by the books of Corrie ten Boom and of course the film of the 'Hiding Place'.

    As I watch this Virtual Tour and heard the true words of the narrator. I could not help but get on my knees next to my bed and just cried my heart out to God in utter thankfulness for what HE did for me in keeping my heart intuned to His Love, in regards to this christian life and works. I wanted more to be closer to Jesus Christ.

    I want to suffer more into the suffering of those less fortunate then myself.

    Thank you for this excellence piece. I think you really should receive a reward for this web site.

    Bye for Now,

    Rudolph Zelenka

    Yes on my father side they came from a Jewish family from Czech Republic in the 1830's to the USA.

  • Mary E. Johnson

    CommentsI was deeply touched by the virtual tour of Sister Corrie ten Boom's Museum. I love the Jewish people and am giving monthly to the JPT. I will share this site with others and may the Lord richly bless you!

  • Sandra
    United States

    CommentsI met Corrie ten Boom through her book "The Hiding Place" about 20 years ago... What a wonderful family. I look forward to meeting her and her family in person in Heaven someday!

  • Catherine

    CommentsNot a coincidence:Salvation after an abortion;unmarried but keeping my child this time; sending him to a Christian school; reading The Hiding Place, his school assignment one day & loving it; my son a prodigal now & many hard trials; buying the DVD recently which made me want to read the book again after all these years; it meant more to me than ever this time, especially in our dangerous days of apostasy; receiving a letter from Save Jerusalem, "a ministry of Corrie ten Boom;" finding this website; knowing there is a reason for all this! My poor heart is so greatly encouraged! The Lord bless you richly for this wonderful miraculous work!

  • Nancy

    CommentsCorrie and Betsy have been inspirations for me for many years. They are in my prayers as are the safety and peace of God's Chosen people, the Jews.

  • Robert

    CommentsThank you for putting the virtual tour together! As God continues to gather His people, the Jews, to the Land, we can expect a lot of trouble for them...we as believers in Jesus Christ really need to pray everyday for them! Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

  • Janet

    CommentsI have read Corrie's books and I have a tape of hers called "God's Logistics are perfect" and I listen to it often. The Jews are God's chosen people and we certainly better be praying for them. I believe we better be looking for the Lords return and be ready for it. I will be praying for Isreal.

  • Joan

    CommentsIt's amazing how God has always saved some of the Jewish people. He says "they are the apple of His eye". I have build a burning love for Israel and the Jewish people. I do not believe I did this on my own but the Holy Spirit put it there and it continues to grow. I love God, I love His chosen people, I love Israel and I await for the day the Son Of God will return to Israel. He will land on Mt. Olive and it will split. He will enter Jerusalem through the Eastern gate. No matter how they have sealed it off and have a cemetary there. He will enter through the Eastern gate. My hearts desire is to go to Isral. I have no money and I have illness' that it would make it difficult for me to go. But the desire doesn't go away it only gets greater.

  • charlotte

    Commentsdoes god truly forgive all sins? i hope so

  • Christina

    CommentsThis website is amazing. As is Israel and Mike Evans and I will continue to pray for PM Netanyahu and Israel as I've done for a few years now.
    I knew of Corrie but not her entire story so watching the movie will I'm sure be even more inspiring.
    I have read the book, In
    Defense Of Israel (John Hagee) which was a real eyeopener. I will pray for Israel and PM Netanyahu and for the leader of the US to do the right thing by Israel although, I don't hold out much hope for Obama. This president does not speak for me or represent my views or feelings at all where Israel is concerned.
    Thank you for sharing the mini history.
    In my Christian faith may God bless you!

  • Terrie

    CommentsWhat a wonderful, awesome tour. I was so blessed and touched by the Holy Spirit of God.It has renewed my love and desire to pray for God's people, Israel.

  • Carol Derozier

    CommentsMy 87 year old Mother and I just took the tour. She had heard of Corrie but never knew her story. We are going to rent the movie now so she can experience more about the life and times of Corrie and her family.
    The Lord has stirred in my heart to pray for Jerusalem and its people.
    Gods blessings!!!!

  • Anita
    Canada, Alberta

    CommentsI have always been interested in the histroy of the Jews. Thank you for sharing this video with the ones who may not be able to travel to Holland to actually visit the museum. I have watched the movie The Hiding Place and found it heartwrenching and painful to think that people could do these horrific things to fellow human beings. But I know God did not allow the Jews to suffer needlessly. Jesus is a Jew and He is my Lord and Saviour. May God continue to bless the Ten Boom family.

  • Sandra

    CommentsMay God bless this family for all there labors of love. Thank you for continuing to have a speical prayer group. I have enjoyed this web sight.

  • Tracy

    CommentsJust read the book, The Hiding Place..boy was it good! Very inspirational.

  • irene
    usa, kentucky

    CommentsI migrated from germany in 1965.
    I gave my heart to the Lord in 1985 and have been supporting Israel ever since. My husband and I are planning to attend Christian united for Israel in July in Washington, DC.
    Thank you Mike Evans for everything you are doing.

  • Friederike

    CommentsBeing raised in Germany from a christian Lutheran family I surely had heard about Corrie Ten Boom, but I had never heard her whole life story. Thanks for letting us have part of her story.

  • Eloise

    Commentsan inspiration...

  • Sandra

    CommentsThe story of Corrie Ten Boom has impacted my life. My family has been and will always be praying for the peace of Jerusalem we stand with the Jewish People and will continue to do so until the Lord Returns!

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